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We will hold our next New Team Member training for women interested in serving hands-on in the ministry on Sunday, May 20. In thinking about the training and how to let folks know what it will be like, I looked up synonyms for “Training.” I love the list that popped up – each one of these words describes part of what we do our best to share with those who want to serve with Natalie’s Sisters!

• coaching
• education
• exercise
• guidance
• instruction
• practice
• teaching
• background
• basics
• buildup
• foundation
• groundwork
• preliminaries
• principles
• readying
• seasoning
• sharpening

At the end of the session spent with a few of our Team Leaders, we hope each who attend training will have a really good idea of not only what and how we do what we do, but also WHY.

There are no “volunteers” in our ministry. Everyone is a Team Member, because they do so much more than show up and serve a meal or drive a woman to an appointment. Each person serves with a whole heart, and a passion for seeing women healed.

If that sounds like something God wants you to do, drop us a private message with your email address and we will get info to you about the May 20 event.

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