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A Note from Jani – E-News May 2018

Dear Friends,

From the calls and e-mails we get, I know many of you have considered serving with Natalie’s Sisters. I also know it’s sometimes scary to step into a new opportunity if you don’t know what it entails.

Natalie’s Sisters has New Team Member Training every few months, where those interested gather to hear current team leaders explain the different aspects of the ministry and answer questions. There are behind-the-scenes projects and hands-on opportunities; food preparation and food delivery; jail visits, hospital visits and mentoring, to name a few. If you’re interested, please send an email to nataliessistersoffice@gmail.com and we’ll send you the scoop on our next meeting – Sunday, May 20.

Keep in mind, there are no “volunteers” at Natalie’s Sisters. Each person who serves is critical to the success of this ministry; necessary to meet the needs of our Sisters. Serving with Natalie’s Sisters is more than just putting in a couple of hours a week – it’s a heart commitment. That’s why everyone who serves on our team is a Team Member – not a volunteer.

We hope some of you will be interested in our next training. In the meantime, check out what some of our current volunteers say about their experience with Natalie’s Sisters:


“Volunteering at Natalie’s Sisters has been eye-opening. I truly had no idea there was such a need to serve those less fortunate and sexually exploited. Here, I’m able to help and serve in a way I never have before. God has obviously been preparing me for Natalie’s Sisters my whole life. I hope you will try it – and I believe it will change your life, too, in ways you never knew possible.”  – N

“Serving with Natalie’s Sisters is heart-warming!  It’s such a blessing to know our Sisters can come to the Drop-in Center and rest, knowing they are in a safe place for a few hours.”- D

“Serving here as changed my life. I love the women we get to work with! God tells us to love God and love people, and this ministry has changed my heart towards all people!  Anybody considering volunteering – do it! You will be blessed in so many ways.” – L

“You will share in the reward. It really is true that the rewards to those who serve are greater than the service the client receives. And we serve to help change lives – even if just the life of one person!” – J

“Walking into an adult entertainment club with a home-cooked meal can completely change the course of one of our Sisters’ days.  She may be dealing with abuse, financial stress, addiction, or depression. When that happens — a hug and a warm meal can mean everything!” – M 



Jani Lewis, Executive Director


We will hold our next New Team Member training for women interested in serving hands-on in the ministry on Sunday, May 20. In thinking about the training and how to let folks know what it will be like, I looked up synonyms for “Training.” I love the list that popped up – each one of these words describes part of what we do our best to share with those who want to serve with Natalie’s Sisters!

• coaching
• education
• exercise
• guidance
• instruction
• practice
• teaching
• background
• basics
• buildup
• foundation
• groundwork
• preliminaries
• principles
• readying
• seasoning
• sharpening

At the end of the session spent with a few of our Team Leaders, we hope each who attend training will have a really good idea of not only what and how we do what we do, but also WHY.

There are no “volunteers” in our ministry. Everyone is a Team Member, because they do so much more than show up and serve a meal or drive a woman to an appointment. Each person serves with a whole heart, and a passion for seeing women healed.

If that sounds like something God wants you to do, drop us a private message with your email address and we will get info to you about the May 20 event.

A New Start

A new start is exactly what Natalie’s Sisters offers to sexually exploited women. With an open hand, Team Members extend hope without demanding anything from the ladies. This is often a new experience for them.

For two years, the Drop-In Center has been open for women to come in and find a taste of that hope. They have napped, eaten, drawn, laughed, and cried in the Drop-In Center. It has been used well. So well, that our donated furniture is wearing out. In an effort to provide the very best for ladies who usually receive the worst, we are asking for your help. Please donate toward our furniture campaign!

Our building has been undergoing renovations from the landlord that will be a huge improvement to serving women. Along with that, we would like to purchase new, matching furniture that will contribute to the cozy feel of the house as well as being able to withstand heavy use.

Your gift will not only be transformational for the Natalie’s Sisters house, but also it will transform the hearts and minds of these women. You will be communicating how much you care about their comfort and safety. Click here to give!